Impact 52

Day 7: Treat A Stranger

By now you have heard my powerful story about the life-changing cups of coffee. It is a story I tell often because it was an amazing moment in my life that I like to share.  It shows the impact a simple gesture can have on the life of another person.  Today, our task for Day… Continue reading Day 7: Treat A Stranger

Impact 52

Day 4: Parking Meters

I walked around downtown Fort Wayne today singing the lyrics "I got a little change in my pocket going jingle lingle ling".  That song, a Georgia Satellites classic, played in my head as I moved through the city with a pocket full of quarters on a mission to help others.  Today was Day 4 of… Continue reading Day 4: Parking Meters

Impact 52

Day 1: Treat A Stranger

We kicked off the 25 Days of Giving today with a random act of kindness.  We took time to randomly treat a stranger to a beverage.  This act, though very simple, can have a huge impact.  I know this firsthand. In February, we participated in Random Acts of Kindness Week as our week 39 volunteer… Continue reading Day 1: Treat A Stranger