Impact 52

Day 7: Treat A Stranger

By now you have heard my powerful story about the life-changing cups of coffee. It is a story I tell often because it was an amazing moment in my life that I like to share.  It shows the impact a simple gesture can have on the life of another person.  Today, our task for Day 7 of the 25 Days of Giving was to treat a stranger to a meal or drink.  That is exactly what we did.

While making our normal trip through the McDonald’s drive thru for a few tasty beverages we decided to cover the meal of the car behind us.  When we handed the money to the cashier and told her what we wanted to do she smiled from ear to ear.  “This is so great!  This is so kind of you!  This is so great!” came out of her mouth over and over again.  You would have thought that we had given the money to her as a gift.  We pulled away not knowing what impact, if any, that gesture had.  We do know that the $6.67 we spent at McDonald’s today was the best investment we made all day.

Impact 52 pays for a meal

Tomorrow we will be good neighbors.  We are going to pick up trash and dog poo in our neighborhood.  We just want to take action to make our neighborhood a better place.  We hope you will do something too.  Good neighbors make great neighborhoods.


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