Impact 52

Day 18: Help A Furry Friend

The Brown family loves animals.  Pets have blessed our lives for many years.  Cats and dogs have long been a part of our family.  Currently, we have 2 rescued greyhounds and 1 Chia-rat.  We refer to them as our dogpound. The unconditional love they show during our daily puppy party makes even the toughest days… Continue reading Day 18: Help A Furry Friend

Impact 52

Celebrating a Forever Home

It is a September Saturday. The sun peaks through the clouds.  The sounds of music fill the air.  The grill is fired up and hot dogs cook in the concession stand.  A crowd gathers to see the event participates.  Some are big and strong.  Others are athletic, nimble, and fast.  The sound of the cowbell… Continue reading Celebrating a Forever Home