Impact 52

Day 18: Help A Furry Friend

The Brown family loves animals.  Pets have blessed our lives for many years.  Cats and dogs have long been a part of our family.  Currently, we have 2 rescued greyhounds and 1 Chia-rat.  We refer to them as our dogpound. The unconditional love they show during our daily puppy party makes even the toughest days bearable.  Our love for these four-legged creatures makes todays 25 Days of Giving task a lot of fun.

We donated towels, leashes, collars, and a couple of jars of peanut butter to the Allen County SPCA. We love this organization and the work they do for homeless pets and pet owners in our community.  We had the opportunity to volunteer with them a few months ago and we had an unbelievable experience.  We hope that the small donation that was made today will make it easier to care for these furry friends.

Impact 52 donates to the SPCA

We are calling tomorrow Vending Machine.  We are going to leave change at a vending machine so that the next person who comes along can enjoy a free beverage or snack.  We hope that you will join us.


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