Impact 52

Day 24: Neighborly Gift

Good neighbors make great neighborhoods. People make the difference. We have been extremely lucky over the years to have great neighbors. Neighbors who weren’t just good neighbors, but good friends too.

Tonight, for Day 24 of 25 Days of Giving, we spent some time delivering goodies to our neighbors and former neighbors. It was a small way of saying thank you for the relationships, we are thinking of you, and wishes for a merry Christmas.

Impact 52 tries to be good neighbors

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and it is the 25th, and final, day of our giving adventure. We are calling it a Gift of Love. Simply, give a family member or someone else a gift from the heart. We have something special planned and we are looking forward to making a stop tomorrow morning to deliver a big gift of love before we head out to our family Christmas.

Merry Christmas friends!



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