Impact 52

Day 2: Treat A Stranger

There are no small gestures in life.

Simple, yes. Small, no way.

Everything we do in life has the potential to make an impact and create ripples much larger than we could ever imagine. We do not know what most people are going through. We are not aware of their struggles, the heartaches, or demons that haunt them. A simple gesture of love and kindness could be day-changing. Maybe even life-changing.  Two cups of coffee changed my life forever a few years ago. I won’t share that story now, but know that I have told it thousands of times over the last two years and I still get choked up when I share it. That is why I love days like today.

Impact 52 25 Days of Giving

Today was Day 2 of the 25 Days and we called it Treat A Stranger. The goal was to treat random people to a cup of coffee or a lunch. We started our morning at Dunkin Donuts where we picked up the tab for the car behind us. We hope that was a great start to his day. Kenna purchased a Rice Krispie treat for someone in the lunch line at school who didn’t have enough money. Erica left cash with the cashier to cover the meals for whomever entered the cafeteria after her. I purchased lunch for a man and Happy Meal for a child this afternoon. It was a day of simple gestures.

It is awesome to see people smile. We definitely experienced that today. Tomorrow is Day 3 and we are calling it Love Letters. Leave a Christmas card or an encouraging note/letter for a stranger to find. Send an email to someone you care about and share your heart. Tomorrow is about sharing love and encouragement. We hope you will participate.

The first 2 days have been outstanding. We have received feedback from people all over the country who are participating. Today, we received an email that we wanted to share.

“Thank you so much for this program. I have always wanted to show the joy and love of Christmas. These 25 days look so simple on paper but it is tough. Yesterday I gave out 12 candy canes and some people I think thought I was going to poison them. You see I live in New York city so everyone here thinks everyone is out to get you. I got home yesterday to tell my father what I did and he decided to join in the 25 days. He bought coffee this morning for a needy man on a corner he sees everyday. I, on the other hand, bought coffee for a fruit vendor who 24/7 is outside selling fruit. I can’t wait to get out of work and go buy some else a coffee. Can’t wait till tomorrow. I have been putting info on Instagram and Facebook to encourage and challenge others to join in. Thank you and God Bless.”

Adriana, New York City

Jump in friends! It is fun. It makes a difference. It is needed.



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