Impact 52

Day 12: Take Time To Read

I always love going into an elementary classroom and connecting with young people.  I have been doing it monthly for years and it is always a great experience.  The students are always welcoming and extremely excited to see me walk through the door.  Today’s experience was no different.

As our Day 12 activity I spent an hour reading with children in a second grade classroom at Adam’s Elementary.  Today’s book selection was near and dear to my heart as I read our book, LINNIE MAE’S NEW FRIENDS, to them.  It was a great hour.  The kids enjoyed the book and we engaged in a great discussion about helping others and volunteerism.  That is my hope with this book.  It may not be the best book ever written (I will guarantee that it isn’t since I’m not an author), but I hope it generates thoughts and dialogue with young people.  It was great to see that happen today.  I loved reading to the class today.  It is such an easy way to impact young people in our community.

Impact 52 reads to kids

Tomorrow is Fill the Red Kettle.  We are focusing on donating change to the jolly Salvation Army bell ringers in our area!


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