Impact 52

Day 22: Holiday Wishes on Windshields

We were supposed to shovel snow today.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no snow in Northern Indiana to shovel.  We very well may be looking at a green Christmas.  The lack of the white stuff caused us to rethink our day 22 activity.  We decided that we would share holiday wishes by leaving Christmas cards on random windshields around town. Each card featured a handwritten note offering our blessings for a Merry Christmas and scratch-off lottery ticket.  We hope that each and every ticket is a winner.  It would be amazing if the card recipients’ Christmas was brightened by a big lottery win.  Even if they do not win, we hope that the cards brought an unexpected smile to their faces today.

Impact 52 delivers cards

Day 23 is tomorrow and we are calling it A Gift of Neighborly Love.  The Impact 52 elves have worked hard preparing goodies for the four-legged friends of our neighborhood.  We are looking forward to delivering them tomorrow.  We hope that you will pause and give a gift of love to your neighbors.  Great neighbors make great neighborhoods!


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