Impact 52

Day 6: Game Donation

Do you like to play games?  Do you have a favorite board game?  Connect Four, Monopoly, and Battleship have been a few of my favorites since childhood.  Board games have played a huge role in my life over the years. As a child, my family sat down and played games at reunions, family events, and holidays.  I have fond memories of playing board games (specifically Careers and Shenanigans) while staying at my grandparents’ house.  Now as parents, Erica and I will sit down with the girls and play games during our family nights.  Board games bring people together, build friendships, enhance relationships, teach skills, and create memories that last a lifetime.  Today, we shared the joys of board games with children in our community.

We donated new and used games to the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne on Day 6 of our 25 Days of Giving.  The Club is a safe place that inspires children, especially those in need, to reach their full potential as caring, productive citizens.  We know that each of the games will be enjoyed by hundreds of children in our community.  We can only hope that each game will have the same impact on today’s youth as they have had on us.

Impact 52 donates games

Games donated by Impact 52

Tomorrow’s Day 7 task is to make a food donation to a local food pantry or food drive.  Thousands of people in our community will go to bed tonight not knowing where their next meal will come from.  Many of these people are children.  Take time tomorrow to go through your cabinets at home or make a trip to the supermarket.  Donating just a few items can go a long way towards feeding the hungry in our community.


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