Impact 52

Day 5: Kind Gesture

One of the most memorable, and emotional, moments of my life happened earlier this year while participating in Random Acts of Kindness week. By now, you have heard the story of Marvin and Doris and power of two cups of coffee. That experience taught me that simple acts of kindness can make a difference in the life of others. It also made me think about all of the opportunities that I had missed in my life to help another. How many instances were there where I was too engulfed in my own world, blinded by my own problems, to see the chance to positively impact someone else? Too many to count, I am sure. I made the decision that day to make every attempt to maximize those encounters. Today was another opportunity to do that with Day 5 of our 25 Days of Giving.

Today I focused on performing kind gestures for others. I started my day by buying breakfast for the car behind me at McDonald’s. I then, while at the gas station, washed the car windshield of an older woman. She hesitated at first. I could tell she was trying to figure out what my hidden agenda was. She probably thought I was going to ask her for money, or take her money. I simply washed the windshield and wished her an outstanding day. Throughout the day, I performed other small acts like holding doors open, letting others cut in line, and yielding the right away to other drivers. It was a day of simple tasks and great intentions.

Today was a tough day. We lost a member of our family this morning when one of our greyhounds (Mustang) passed away. His battle with cancer ended this morning and I carried a heavy heart all day. Simple acts of kindness do make a difference my friends. I was on the receiving end of many today. On the outside, no one knew what I was going through. My insides were ripped apart and my heart was broken. The kind words and feedback from a presentation audience, the thoughts and prayers from my Twitter family, and smiles of family and complete strangers helped me all day long. I thank everyone who took time today to be kind to others. Trust me when I tell you that they appreciated it.

Day 6: Game Donation is tomorrow. We will be donating new and used board games to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne. We encourage you to do the same. If not the club, donate to Toys for Tots, a local school, or a nonprofit that serves children. Let’s pass on the joy of these games to children in our community.


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