Impact 52

High-Fives, Hugs, and a Great Story

I exited the building and walked towards my car.  My right hand red and throbbing from the day's repeated blunt-force trauma.  My head pounded from the loud noise, the constant chatter, and the overall chaos.  My heart raced a mile-a-minute from the exhilaration and the excitement.  The corners of my mouth were sore from one… Continue reading High-Fives, Hugs, and a Great Story

Impact 52

A Day of Caring

Our Week 9 experience gave me the opportunity to work with the "Big Red Machine."  This is the how I refer to our team at Coca-Cola here in Fort Wayne.  Almost three years ago when I moved to Fort Wayne, Coca-Cola was not an active member of this community.  I was told by many different… Continue reading A Day of Caring