Impact 52

Hey You! Are You Ready To Go Back To School?

It is hard to believe that it is that time of year again. Registration is complete. Supplies and lunch boxes have been purchased. Some children are excited, others are scared. Moms and Dads are happy to get the kids out of the house and into a routine. Friday nights at the lake will turn into Friday… Continue reading Hey You! Are You Ready To Go Back To School?

Impact 52

Making a Connection

We often hear people say "I would like to get involved in the community, but I just do not have time." For some, this statement is an easy out because they do not really want to get involved. For others, this statement might be true. I have a hard time believing it however. We all… Continue reading Making a Connection

Impact 52

An Unbelievable Experience

I must admit that I was very excited, and nervous, about this week's volunteer activity.  This experience truly gave me the opportunity to get outside of my comfort zone.  I wrote in a recent blog that we must all "get comfortable being uncomfortable" to truly make a difference.  I will say that on this particular experience, I did just… Continue reading An Unbelievable Experience