Impact 52

Tis’ the Season To Be Jolly, Kind and Generous

Every year it feels like Christmas sneaks up on us. One minute we are celebrating Independence Day, the next we are carving the Thanksgiving turkey and hanging the mistletoe. The year flies by like a speeding race car zooming down the homestretch on its way to victory. At times it is a complete blur. A crazy, hectic, difficult, mind-blowing, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, exhilarating, exciting and fulfilling blur. We try to catch our breath during Thanksgiving dinner (and naps) before the rush of the Christmas season. That is how it feels for our family right now.

Christmas has always been a special time for our family. We enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the season, spending time with family, and giving gifts. Our love for this time of year went to whole new level in 2012 when we started our 25 Days of Giving. The experience from that first year was life changing. We learned a lot about ourselves as individuals, our family and those in our community. It put the “season of giving” in real perspective. That is why we have continued the tradition. We are better because of it. And that is why we will do it again this year.


On December 1st we will begin our 5th 25 Days of Giving. We will embark once again on an incredible journey to brighten the lives of others during the Christmas season. The goal is simple. We want to make this season of giving special for those around us. There are families in our community who are hurting, need a hand, and/or just need someone to show that they care. There are people who dread Christmas because the stresses involved with the holiday are too much to handle. Others just need to experience kindness. They just need to feel the love of a kind gesture. Some just need to smile.

As with previous years we have identified 25 simple giving-acts, one per day, that can brighten the life of another person. We have scheduled each day in an effort to make it very easy for you to join us. We really hope that you will join us on this amazing adventure. Our hope is that you will participate each day, but we understand that it may be hard for everyone to be involved at that level. If that is the case consider selecting the days that fit best for you. Participate in 1 Day, 5 Days, 12 Days, or all 25 Days. Just participate! Take action this holiday season and make a difference in your community. Our communities need us more than ever. The 25 Days of Giving is an easy way to show kindness, love people and serve.


We will share each day’s experience through Social Media and we ask that you do the same. Share your pictures and videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #25DaysGiving and tag Impact 52. You can also email us your stories at We will compile the stories and images and share them with those who follow our blog. Together was can make this the best season of giving to date. Are you ready?

The first four 25 Days of Giving have been absolutely amazing. We have experienced smiles, laughter, gratitude and tears. Each moment memorable and many unforgettable. And as with most acts of giving, the gifts and the blessings we have received in return have been numerous. The momentum behind this event continues to grow. We have seen involvement increase each year as more and more families and individuals from around the country join in. We expect this year to be no different. We hope you will be a part of it. We challenge you to eliminate the excuses and take action this Christmas. After all…. tis’ the season to be jolly, kind and generous.



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