Impact 52

Day 18: Teacher Appreciation

“Mrs. Renfro has such a great attitude. I enjoy her classes because she cares about the students and is always willing to stop and help. It was great to be able to say thank you today through some candy and a Barnes & Noble gift card.” – MaKenna

“Mrs. Nelson is such a sweet, warmhearted lady. She is approachable and always willing to answer my questions. I am glad I had the opportunity to show my appreciation today.” – Kelsi

Impact 52 says thank you to teachers

Two quotes from today’s 25 Days of Giving activity. It was Teacher Appreciation day and we took a few minutes to say thank to some incredible teachers. We gave candy, cupcakes, and gift cards as small tokens of our appreciation. Teachers change the world everyday by educating our teachers. They deserve to be recognized more than they are.

DAY 18 of #25DaysGiving

Friday is Day 19 and we will be making a food donation to a local food bank. Hundreds of families in our community struggle to put food on the table each day. We want to do our part to help those in need. We hope that you, too, will grab some food and make a difference for an individual, or family, in need.


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