Impact 52

Day 16: Day of Change

Chips make chunks.

Inches make feet.

Pennies make dollars.

In the end, the small, and seemingly insignificant, adds up to equal something much larger. The coins that sit in the ashtray of your car isn’t just change. They are tools of change. Yeah, I went their. Your CHANGE can create CHANGE. Many nonprofit organizations impact the lives of thousands of people solely through the pocket change that is donated. A large percentage of the Ronald McDonald House of Northeast Indiana’s annual budget comes from the coin banks located in area McDonald’s stores. Forgotten Children Worldwide builds orphan homes from the change that is donated during National Oil’s yearly “Change for Change” campaign.

Today was Day 16 of the 25 Days and we called it Day of Change. We donated change at McDonald’s, the gas station, and the coffee shop to support a variety of causes. A simple and small gesture that can make a huge difference in our community and communities around the world.

Impact 52 donates change for #25DaysGiving

Day 17 is called Words of Inspiration. Focus on encouraging and inspiring others tomorrow. Leave a sticky note on a mirror, a windshield, or on a desk. Use social media to share your favorite quotes. Reach out to that person who you know needs to be uplifted and share some encouragement. Share words of inspiration with others tomorrow.




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