Impact 52

Day 8: Book Donation

“Learn to love to read.”

It is a message we have delivered to hundreds of students over the last few years. Whether its volunteering to read in a classroom or speaking to an entire assembly of students, we are advocates for reading and reading programs. In order to improve literacy rates in schools, kids need to have books in the hands.

Impact 52 donates books for #25daysgiving

Today, we donated books for Day 8 of the 25 Days of Giving. We placed books in 3 different Little Free Libraries around the city of Fort Wayne. We also provided books to an entire 3rd grade classroom. Getting books in the hands of children, especially those in poor communities, is needed to expose children to reading. It enhances in-home libraries and gives each child easy, instant access to far away worlds, superheroes, and historic events. We encourage you to donate new and used books throughout the year to a school, nonprofit organization, or family in your community. Give the gift of reading to child in need.

Tomorrow is Day 9 and it is called Vending Machine. We will leave dollar bills and change at a vending machine so the next person’s drink or snack is free. We hope you will too.


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