Impact 52

Day 6: Help A Neighbor

Today’s task for Day 6 of the 25 Days of Giving was to help a neighbor. Opportunities exist daily to help others and to be a good neighbor. The question is “how often do we embrace them?” We want to be good neighbors. We want to make our neighborhoods and communities better places to live.

#25DaysGiving Day 6

The original plan was to schedule a volunteer activity for the day that would give us the chance to help a neighbor in need. At the last minute we decided to just live a normal day and look for opportunities to offer a helping hand throughout the day. The help would be random and as needed.

We started by helping fellow shoppers at the local grocery store. When you are 6’9 you are a valuable asset when trying to get merchandise off of the top shelf. We then helped a neighbor wheel his garbage cans into his garage. This was the first time we have had any interaction with this particular person. It was nice to officially meet him and say hello. Then, while walking the dogs, we saw a woman trying to catch her dog. He had gotten away from her during a walk and he was running crazy through the street. Our dogs barked and went crazy as we helped corral little Charlie so his mom could capture him. The goal today was be a good neighbor and we tried to do that by offering a helping hand when needed.

Tomorrow we will focus on making people smile and laugh. Day 7 is called laughs all around. It will be a great time I am sure.



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