Impact 52

All Aboard The Love Train!

We live in a world filled with negativity. Whether it is the television, radio, social media, our families, or our friends, we cannot get away from constant negativity. News from around the world consists of war, corruption, murder, and bigotry.  Social media channels are flooded with people, often our friends and family, who bitch and complain about everything. I mean everything. Some hate their jobs, their friends, and their co-workers. Others constantly banter on about how terrible our president is, how awful our economy is, and how our nation is falling apart. They promote hate, call each other names, create drama, and start fights.  I could go on and on because it never stops. 24 hours a day we are exposed to an onslaught of crap.  Negativity is everywhere. We cannot escape it and if we are not strong we can easily get sucked into the black hole that it exists in.

I refuse to fall victim to negativity. I will not fall in the hole. I have made a decision to have a positive attitude. I am committed to living a life of outstanding. I will think positive. I will speak positive. I will promote positive.  Let’s get something straight before moving forward.  I have my bad days, my bad moments. Not everything in my life is beautiful butterflies and fragrant flowers. I am human. I have issues. I have problems. I have my frustrations.  I am not better than anyone else.  I just choose to live positive.  I do not share and spread the negative things I read, see, and experience.  I will not let it eat me alive like others do. Trust me, I have seen it happen.  I have seen people so engrossed in their problems that they fail to see all of the wonderful things around them.  It hurts to watch so many live their lives that way.  Our society cannot continue down that path.

Words are very powerful. They can speak life or they can speak death. They can uplift and empower or they can destroy and damage.  Positive words can make a difference.  I truly believe it.

We recently learned about an organization that “uses the power of positive words to build, sustain, and empower community through strategic arts partnerships, mentorships, events, and education.” Department of Public Words is an Indianapolis-based organization dedicated to creating positive messages in public spaces through both art and public speaking.  They have produced several positive message murals and installations in the Indianapolis area and in other cities around the state of Indiana.

One of those murals is called The Love Train.  It is a 44 panel,  500 foot mural that runs along the Monon Trail in Broad Ripple, Indiana. It is a mural that features a train and positive, uplifting words. We had the opportunity to help on this project with my brother, his company, and my mother. We scraped, primed, and painted a few panels that will later be transformed into a train that features positive words and life-giving phrases. The space previously featured 15-year-old murals that were faded and falling apart.  The space was drab and boring.  The community of Broad Ripple has seen a lot of violence and crime over the last year. Creating community through this mural is what the city needs.  Positive words can stop someone in their tracks along the trail and change the course of their day.  The Love Train can, and will, positively impact the lives of those who see it.  That is what we loved so much about this volunteer experience.

Impact 52 helps paint The Love Train

Impact 52 paints with DPWordIndy

Impact 52 scraped and painted in Indianapolis

Be outstanding! You have heard me say it a million times if you have followed this blog or our social media accounts. Our attitude can be the difference in our lives and the lives of those around us.  We must choose the positive and avoid the negative.  Don’t fall in the black hole of negativity.  Do not become a WIMP or a Woe Is Me Person.  People do not need to hear about every negative thing that happens in your life.  Refrain from spreading hate and spread love.  Tell others uplifting stories.  Smile.  Encourage.  Empower. Look past the clouds and see the sun.  We can change the world around us if we make the choice to do so.  It starts with our attitude, our actions, and our words.

Are you going to be a WIMP or will you join The Love Train? We have room for you!




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