Impact 52

Day 9: Food Donation

Day 9 was originally planned to be a day in which we helped the homeless.  Due to our crazy schedules, we decided to swap Day 9 with Day 16.  So today we made a food donation.  We donated some non-perishable food items to a local church food pantry.  This particular pantry focuses heavily on providing food to our city’s Burmese population.  The donation was small this year, but we hope that it helps those individuals and families in need.

Impact 52 donates food

Tomorrow is Day 10 and we are calling it Sweet Surprises.  Our task will be to surprise others with the gift of chocolate, other candy, or baked goods.  Everyone loves sweets and we hope to bring a smile to a few faces tomorrow with sweet surprises.  We hope you will participate too.  Just so that you know, I love Rolos!


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