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25 Days of Giving: 2013

It is hard to believe that it is the eleventh day of November.  The holiday season, our favorite time of the year, is vastly approaching.  Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and we give thanks daily for the blessings in our lives.  We truly have a lot for which to be thankful.  Thanksgiving also means great food (mmmmmm….turkey) and time with family.  For most, Thanksgiving is the start of the Christmas season, a season of joy, of families uniting, of gift-giving, and of holiday greetings.  Christmas, for our family, is the ultimate season of giving and we are excited to announce our second annual 25 Days of Giving!

Impact 52's 25 Days of Giving

Beginning on December 1st we will embark on an incredible journey to brighten the lives of others the Christmas.  Our goal is to make this season of giving the best yet.  There are many people in our communities who are hurting, who need a hand, and/or just need someone to show that they care.  There are others who could just benefit from a random act of kindness.  Last year’s 25 Days of Giving was absolutely amazing.  As with all giving experiences our lives were greatly impacted.  As were the lives of those that participated all over the country.

We have identified 25 simple giving-acts, one per day, that can brighten the life of another.  We have scheduled each day in an effort to make it very easy for you to join us.  We really hope that you will join us on this amazing adventure. Our hope is that you will participate each day, but we understand that it may be hard for everyone.  If that is the case consider selecting the days that fit best for you.  Just participate.  Take action this holiday season and make a difference in your community.  We will share each day’s experience through Social Media and we ask that you do the same.  Share your pictures and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram using #25DaysGiving and tag Impact 52.  You can also email us your stories at

Impact 52 25 Days of Giving

Help us start a movement in our communities.  Participate in the 25 days of Giving and help us spread the GIVIDEMIC!

Print the schedule!

25 Days of Giving


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