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Linnie Mae: An Exciting Time

It is an exciting time for our new book Linnie Mae’s New Friends.  We thought it was time to share another update.

1. We have print proofs of the book in our hands.  We are reviewing them and making any needed changes and modifications at this time.  Once finalized, we will give the green light to print.  That means that a launch date for print copies will be coming soon.

Linnie Mae's New Friends proof

2. The initial feedback from those that have purchased a digital copy of the book has been fantastic.  Here are few quotes from happy readers:

What a great message about both volunteering and breaking down stereotypes!  I look forward to many more books to come!”

“A good book for anyone to read, not just children.  Our entire family has read it and I will be sharing it with others to read as well.  We are all guilty of judging people that we don’t even know.  This book is a good example of how you should get to know people before you put them into a specific category.  I wish our kids would see more of these stories on television as well, instead of what is on.  Great storyline!  I wish there was even more to read.  Bring on more!”

“This book is a valuable resource for others, especially children, to step outside of their comfort zone and do something for their community.  The book is an excellent conversation starter.”

3.  The book has been selected by the United Way of Allen County to be included in the Real Men Read initiative.  Male volunteers will read the book to 4th grade student in Fort Wayne Community Schools and East Allen County Schools in early 2014.

4.  We have secured distribution through a few retail outlets and have a few huge opportunities in the works.  We hope to have final answers soon on some of these opportunities.

5.  We will be participating in the Author Fair at the Allen County Public Library in November.  This event gives authors (I guess that is me) the opportunity to chat with people about their books in addition to selling them.

6.  We are scheduling presentations, talks, and school visits for the 2013-2014 school year.  We have a few events booked thus far and expect to secure others soon.  If you are interested, please contact us.

7. Pre-orders for the book continue to roll in.  If you are interested in ordering a copy, please visit our book page and fill out the pre-order form.  The book will retail at $5.49

There is a lot happening as you can see.  We are excited about the journey we are about to take with Linnie Mae’s New Friends.  We want to thank you for your support and kind words during this process.  This book is just another step in spreading the GIvidemic.  Book two, titled Green Beans and Peas, is in the works right now.  We are driven to share the lessons that we have learned through volunteerism and service with everyone, especially children.  This book, andthose to follow, will allow us to do just that.

Linnie Mae's New Friends


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