Impact 52

Showing Love Through a Teddy Bear


Did you have a favorite teddy bear or other furry animal as a child?  A stuffed toy that you played with, told your secrets to, and snuggled with at bedtime?  If you are like me, and most, you did.  Your teddy bear was a friend that offered you a sense of security and a feeling of comfort.  There are many children in our communities who could use that special friend.  Thankfully, there is a group of individuals who understand the power of a teddy bear.

Good Bears of the World is a nonprofit organization that puts the comfort of a teddy bear into the arms of traumatized children and lonely adults.  Founded in 1969, Good Bears has been making the world a better place for people of all ages across the globe.  The Disorderly Bear Den (the local Good Bears chapter) is composed of members of our community who understand how a stuffed animal can make a difference in the life of another person.  Since its beginning, the Den has provided animals to sheriff’s and police departments, fire stations, hospitals, nursing homes, and local nonprofits that serve children in our community. The hope is that each donated toy will help to ease the pain and harshness of the world.

Impact 52 donates stuffed animals

The Disorderly Bear Den had been on our target list for some time.  It was an organization that we wanted to get involved with, but had not found the right way to make it happen. We realized that the easiest, and most beneficial, way to help out was to conduct a teddy bear drive.  This week, we did just that.  We went through the piles and piles of stuffed animals the girls have accumulated of the years to find those that were good enough to donate.  We wanted our donation to be significant and impactful so we reached out to friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.  The response, I must say, was tremendous.  Neighbors delivered trash bags full of animals to our doorstep.  I traveled around town picking up bags of bears from friends.  Girl Scout Troop 00367 from Huntertown visited Build-A-Bear and used money generated from cookie sales to build and buy nine brand new toys.  This troop was a Daisy troop consisting of nine kindergarten and first-graders.  In the end, we delivered a whole car load of animals.  We didn’t take the time to count each one individually, but we believe that, with the help of others, we made a donation that can make a difference.

Impact 52 volunteers with Good Bears of the World

We want to thank everyone who contributed to our small teddy bear drive.  Your giving spirit and willingness to get involved is inspiring.  Thank you for helping us make a difference in the life of a child or senior in our area.  If you have animals in your home that you would like to donate, contact Donna at the Disorderly Bear Den.  You can reach her via phone at 260-409-9886 or by email at  A stuffed animal has played an important role at some point in your life.  Get involved and give a teddy bear a chance to play that role in the life of another.  Show your love through a teddy bear today!


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