Impact 52

Sometimes All You Need Is A Smile


I have two questions for you.  First, can you say “Good morning! Welcome to Focus on Health! How are you today?” Let’s try it.  Say it with me, “Good morning! Welcome to Focus on Health!  How are you today?”  Awesome!  Good work.  Second, do you know how to smile?  I know you do even if you do not do it enough.  By answering yes to these questions, you would have been a qualified volunteer for this week’s volunteer activity.

Focus on Health provides the community with free health checks and interactive learning centers to help participants detect diseases and make informed healthcare decisions.  The mobile “health fair” travels to more than 12 locations in our area. Individuals can participate in free screenings such as hearing and vision, bone density, blood pressure, height, weight, and BMI.  Lab services that test liver and kidney function, prostate, glucose, and thyroid (to name a few) are also available at low costs.  In the end, each participant has the opportunity to sit down with a medical professional to discuss results and future action items in summary and referral process.  Since its beginning more than 30 years ago, Focus on Health has impacted the lives of more than 146,000 people in our area.

Impact 52 volunteers with Focus on Health

My volunteer duty was to greet all attendees.  I was stationed near a main entrance and, as mentioned earlier, I greeted each person with a smile.  I directed them to the registration table and answered any questions they might have had.  It was obvious that I was playing an important role in the day.  People who entered through the doors were there for health screenings.  For most, that is not a fun activity.  I wanted to ensure that I did everything that I could to start their experience off on the right foot.  You know me, I was in an outstanding mood and I wanted that attitude to be contagious with everyone I came in contact with.  I was complimented many times during my 4-hour volunteer experience on my smile.  One gentleman told me that “no person should be that happy on a Saturday morning”.  It was followed by a thank you and smile in return.  I enjoyed engaging and connecting with those who participated in Focus on Health.  By the reactions I received from those I spoke with (almost everyone who attended), I was reminded that sometimes all we need is a smile.

Focus on Health is a great service provided by the Parkview Health network and our local ABC affiliate 21 Alive.  I encourage you to look into the event and consider participating at a location near you.  You just cannot beat the free and low-cost services that are provided.  I also want you to consider volunteering your time.  My experience was great.  The staff and the volunteers were amazing.  I felt welcomed, appreciated, and valued.  What more can a volunteer ask for?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes All You Need Is A Smile”

  1. so i would like to join/help with the impact 52 movement i would enjoy taking some time to help. but i must ask you a simple question. have you ever heard of the RLSH? if so please message and if not and want to know more message

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