Impact 52

Our First Book: Linnie Mae’s New Friends

As we approach the 2 year anniversary of the creation of Impact 52, it is easy for me to look back and smile at our journey.  It has been an amazing adventure that I am blessed to have had the opportunity to share with my family.  We will never know what real impact, if any, we have had on our community, on other people, or the organizations that we served.  We do know, however, the true impact this project has had on our lives as individuals and as a family.  There is no doubt that we are better people today having grown each week with every new experience by challenging our own stereotypes, eliminating excuses, and stretching the limits of our comfort zones.  The lessons we have learned have forever changed our lives and we are committed to sharing them with you and every person that we can reach, especially children.

In an effort to share the lessons we have learned with other children, we have a dream of writing a series of children’s books that teach kids the importance of helping others, giving, and the social concerns that face our society today.  The first book, LINNIE MAE’S NEW FRIENDS, is done.  It is a story of young girl who has society’s typical stereotypes of the homeless.  They are “losers”, “bums”, and “unwilling to help themselves”.  Through a volunteer experience with her parents, Linnie Mae meets some interesting people and hears some intriguing stories.  In the end, she learns that ALL people are PEOPLE and that it is unfair for her to pass judgement without knowing the real story.  We believe that all children, and adults, need to learn and understand this lesson.  We believe that this book is the first in a series that can positively change lives.


The story is written.  We have an amazing illustrator who is bringing the words to life with awesome illustrations.  A digital book is in currently in production.  Educational materials have been created for teachers and parents to help open dialogue about homelessness, volunteerism, and helping others.  What we do not have at this time are the funds to print hard copies of the book.  We need your help.  Today we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to support the printing and distribution of a first run of books.  Our goal is to raise $5000 in 30 days.  For those who do not know much about Kickstarter, it is an all or nothing platform.  If we achieve the target of $5000 in 30 days, we get the money.  If we fall short, we will get nothing.  We need your help.  Please support the project if you can.  If you cannot support it financially, please share it with others in your network via phone, email, and social media.  Together, we can our book in the hands of children.  Please click the Kickstarter logo to visit our page!


Our mission has been to create an epidemic of giving.  A selfless virus that spreads from person to person within our community infecting everyone it touches.  We want others to understand how easy it is to make a difference in the lives of other people.  We want them to experience the joys of volunteerism and service.  We want to inspire others to eliminate excuses and reach out a helping hand to a neighbor in need.  In the end, we want others to embrace their roles as world-changers and live every day with purpose.  We are overwhelmed by the positive response we have received.  The support from day one has been unbelievable and it continues to grow with every blog post.  Saying “thank you” for the kind words of encouragement and inspiration just doesn’t seem like enough, but at this time it truly is all we have to offer.  Thank you!


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