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We are blessed to have a large number of nonprofit and faith-based organizations that address the needs of our community.  These groups work tirelessly to clothe the poor, feed the hungry, mentor the young, and support the old.  They provide goods and services that are critical to the success, and survival, of so many of our neighbors.  Each of these organizations is successful because of the support it receives from donors, volunteers, staff, and other organizations in the community.  This week we worked with an organization whose mission is to strengthen the nonprofits and churches in Northeast Indiana.

Love In Deed SHAREHOUSE was created in 2007 to effectively link area nonprofits to needed resources.  This access to resources and quality merchandise allows each organization to focus its time, energy, and funds towards its mission or its ministry.  Keeping it from getting bogged down and sidetracked by smaller, unimportant concerns.  SHAREHOUSE’s warehouse is filled with merchandise from local manufacturers and retailers that is distributed to area nonprofits. Paper goods, diapers, personal care products, and linens are just a few of the items given away. Volunteers are used in the warehouse to receive, sort, and help prepare items for distribution.  That was exactly what we did this week.

Impact 52 and Love In Deed SHAREHOUSE

After a tour of the warehouse and a quick safety training, we jumped into sorting merchandise.  We spent our entire time sorting air fresheners and aerosol sprays.  We removed retailer identification, marked through price tags, and categorized each item for distribution.  SHAREHOUSE has very strict procedures on how each item is prepared for distribution that keep people from trying to return the items at retail locations for cash.  After two short hours, and a nose full of amazing scents, our time came to an end.  We enjoyed the experience.  It was great to talk with and engage the other volunteers.  Many of them were representing organizations that reap the benefits of the merchandise that SHAREHOUSE provides.  This was evidence of the strong, collaborative relationships that SHAREHOUSE creates with the organizations it serves.  This experience, like so many before, gave us an appreciation for the things we have.  Something as simple as toilet paper is always taken for granted.  We have always kept an ample supply at our house.  This week was another reminder that others are not as fortunate as us.  It is something that we can never forget.

Impact 52 volunteers at SHAREHOUSE

Love In Deed SHAREHOUSE is committed to providing quality merchandise to meet the direct needs of the participating nonprofits in our area.  This commitment has allowed the organization to make a huge difference in our community for the last five years.  In 2011 alone, SHAREHOUSE distributed over 200 tons of merchandise to organizations in our area.  We encourage you to get to know and spend some time helping at the SHAREHOUSE.  There is a good chance that they are strengthening your church or your favorite nonprofit organization.

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