JD, The Burn Council of Northern Indiana

After reading Aaron’s story in the newspaper, I immediately contacted him to schedule a visit to our organization.  His family was prompt, willing to help, and had great ideas.  I then asked Aaron to speak to a group of volunteer coordinators, school leaders, and fundraising professionals.  His story of moving from casual participant, to donor, to board member, to board chair is what all non-profit leaders strive to achieve.  His talk, what I called ‘the good, the bad, and the not too ugly’ of volunteering was more than I had hoped for.  It was encouraging, enlightening, and I am confident that many of the attendees left that day with ways to improve the volunteer experience.  His homespun Southern-style made the presentation all-the-more enjoyable.  I wish Aaron and Impact 52 well and I know his movement will ‘take off’ nationally and internationally.  I look forward to watching the blog grow from 52, 104, 156, and beyond!  When the movie is made I can say ‘I knew it when is was only in its 20th week.”