Inspire your audience!

Looking for a motivating and inspiring speaker? Do you want to challenge your employees, volunteers, church or students to stop making excuses and live a life filled with purpose? You should book Impact 52 co-founder Aaron M. Brown for your event!

“Aaron Brown is one of my favorite TEDxFortWayne faculty members! Through poignant humor and emotional appeal, his story inspires and challenges people both personally and professionally. I continue to ask him to speak in front our various C Level communities, as he highlights the value of corporate & community responsibility from firsthand experience. Be careful though, he may challenge you to become a better you!”  Craig D. Crook, Local Founder and Organizer of TEDxFortWayne

Aaron speaks to a variety of audiences including churches, schools, fundraising professionals, business executives, non-profit organizations, and volunteer groups.  Aaron adapts each presentation to meet the needs of each organization and audience.

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