Day 20: Remember a Senior

Last night we spent a few hours making homemade Christmas cards. They featured snowmen, ornaments, Christmas trees, and warm Christmas wishes. Today, we delivered those cards to Miller’s Merry Manor for day 20 of the 25 Days of Giving. This is the 3rd year that we have delivered cards to this particular facility. When we dropped off the cards today one of the nurses remembered us from last year. She thanked us for caring so much for the residents year after year. It means a lot to her, the staff and all of the residents. We hope that you took a few minutes to remember a senior today.

Homemade cards for #25DaysGiving

Tomorrow is day 21 and it is called Lottery Ticket. We have purchased 20 $1 lottery tickets and will hand them out with cards to random people. Once again, we hope that one of these ticket (or all of them) is a big winner. How awesome would it be to have one of these tickets generate a big cash prize for an unexpected recipient?

Buy a few lottery tickets tomorrow morning at your local gas station and give them away!

Day 19: Food Donation

Day 19 of the 25 Days was called Food Donation. We made a small food donation to help fight hunger in our community. We donated canned foods and soups, pasta, and macaroni and cheese. It wasn’t much, but we hope it will help someone in need this Christmas.

Impact 52 donates food for #25DaysGiving

Day 20 is Remember a Senior. We have created handmade Christmas cards that we will deliver to a senior home in our community. It is our way of letting them know that we are thinking about them this holiday season. Visit a senior home, buy an elderly man a coffee, or just simple engage someone in conversation. Just make sure you remember a senior tomorrow.

Day 18: Teacher Appreciation

“Mrs. Renfro has such a great attitude. I enjoy her classes because she cares about the students and is always willing to stop and help. It was great to be able to say thank you today through some candy and a Barnes & Noble gift card.” – MaKenna

“Mrs. Nelson is such a sweet, warmhearted lady. She is approachable and always willing to answer my questions. I am glad I had the opportunity to show my appreciation today.” – Kelsi

Impact 52 says thank you to teachers

Two quotes from today’s 25 Days of Giving activity. It was Teacher Appreciation day and we took a few minutes to say thank to some incredible teachers. We gave candy, cupcakes, and gift cards as small tokens of our appreciation. Teachers change the world everyday by educating our teachers. They deserve to be recognized more than they are.

DAY 18 of #25DaysGiving

Friday is Day 19 and we will be making a food donation to a local food bank. Hundreds of families in our community struggle to put food on the table each day. We want to do our part to help those in need. We hope that you, too, will grab some food and make a difference for an individual, or family, in need.

Day 17: Words of Inspiration

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives” – Jackie Robinson

Words are very powerful. They can speak life or they can speak death. They can uplift and empower or they can destroy and damage. Positive words can make a difference. We have seen it, and experienced it, firsthand.

Today was all about words of inspiration. We left cards in coffee shops and restaurants that featured positive quotes and Bible scripture. We encouraged the recipient to continue to battle through their “storm” and look forward to sunny days ahead. We left post-it-notes on bathrooms mirrors in an effort to encourage. A men’s restroom mirror read “it will be okay dude, I promise!” Our hope is that those who encountered the notes smiled, even if only for a few seconds.

Words of inspiration for #25DaysGiving

Tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation. Say thank you to the beautiful people who educate our children day in and day out. Show your appreciation and gratitude through an email, card, gift card, or sweet treat. Just take some time tomorrow to appreciate a teacher.

Day 16: Day of Change

Chips make chunks.

Inches make feet.

Pennies make dollars.

In the end, the small, and seemingly insignificant, adds up to equal something much larger. The coins that sit in the ashtray of your car isn’t just change. They are tools of change. Yeah, I went their. Your CHANGE can create CHANGE. Many nonprofit organizations impact the lives of thousands of people solely through the pocket change that is donated. A large percentage of the Ronald McDonald House of Northeast Indiana’s annual budget comes from the coin banks located in area McDonald’s stores. Forgotten Children Worldwide builds orphan homes from the change that is donated during National Oil’s yearly “Change for Change” campaign.

Today was Day 16 of the 25 Days and we called it Day of Change. We donated change at McDonald’s, the gas station, and the coffee shop to support a variety of causes. A simple and small gesture that can make a huge difference in our community and communities around the world.

Impact 52 donates change for #25DaysGiving

Day 17 is called Words of Inspiration. Focus on encouraging and inspiring others tomorrow. Leave a sticky note on a mirror, a windshield, or on a desk. Use social media to share your favorite quotes. Reach out to that person who you know needs to be uplifted and share some encouragement. Share words of inspiration with others tomorrow.



Day 15: Help The Homeless

Today was Day 15 of the 25 Days of Giving and our goal was to help the homeless. We have had the opportunity to spend time with those on the streets of our city many times over the last four years. Our lives have been changed through those experiences and we will always have a passion to help when we can.

We donated four bicycles that will be used as transportation for individuals in transitional housing. Our goal was to get out on the street and deliver care packages (like we have the last two years), but illness and crazy schedules kept us from getting something scheduled. We will, however, make that happen in January.

Impact 52 donates bicycles

Tomorrow is Day of Change. We will donate change at McDonald’s to support the Ronald McDonald House and donate to other causes in our community. We encourage you to join in the day of change. It is easy. You have a bunch of change sitting around. Make sure it gets donated tomorrow.

Day 14: Unexpected Gift

We love to surprise people. The looks we get we when give someone an unexpected gift are heartwarming and memorable. Today, that is exactly what we did for Day 14 of the 25 Days of Giving.

We handed out Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards to random people in our community. We left some on windshields for people to find while we gave others to people directly. It was a simple, fun and easy way to say Merry Christmas.

Impact 52 gives out gift cards

Tomorrow is Monday and we start another work week. A new week has new opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. It isn’t too late to join us in our season of giving. Day 15 is Help the Homeless. We hope you take some time to assist someone in need tomorrow. Deliver a care package, volunteer at a mission, or donate some socks to a homeless assistance organization. Just do something tomorrow to help the homeless.


You can download the 25 Days of Giving schedule right 25 Days of Giving.

Day 13: Generous Tip

Day 13 of the 25 Days of Giving was called Generous Tip. Food service is a difficult job and great service isn’t always rewarded. Our goal was to show our appreciation for good service today by adding a little extra on the gratuity.

Erica and I went to Granite City Brewing for lunch during our day of shopping. The food was good and the service was excellent. Our server’s name was Chelsie and she was a delight. We wanted to give a little extra and she deserved every penny.

Impact 52 leaves a generous tip

Tomorrow is Day 14 and it is called Unexpected Gift. We have purchased some gift cards that we will hand out to random people throughout the day. It is always great to see the looks on the faces of those who receive an unexpected gift. We hope you will participate and experience it too.

Day 12: Mailman Surprise

“Thank you!”

“We appreciate you”

Simple phrases of gratitude. A few words that, when spoken, can make a difference in the lives of others.

Today, we shared a note of gratitude with our mail carrier. A simple Christmas card of thanks and a Starbucks gift card were left in our mailbox for her to find. We see her regularly, but rarely talk. We wanted that to change today. We wanted her to know we appreciate the job she does and that we hope she has the merriest of Christmases.

Impact 52 leaves a mailman surprise

Impact 52 says thanks

Day 13 of the 25 Days of Giving is tomorrow and we will be leaving a generous tip for a waiter or waitress.  It will be a moment to reward someone for the excellent service they provide. Food service can be a thankless job and we hope that we can change that, at least for a moment, tomorrow.

Day 11: Take Time To Read

We love going into schools and spending time with students. It is an easy way to connect with and positively impact young people. That investment of time, no matter how big or small, may be the best investment you ever make.

Today we had the opportunity to visit a kindergarten class at Adams Elementary. It was a great time. We read “Green Eggs & Ham”, handed out bookmarks, and even danced during Wiggle Time. We now have 30 new friends. Friends that will grow up to change the world. Friends that I hope to see again soon.

Impact 52 visits Adams Elementary

Did you take time to read today? We would love to hear about it.

Day 12 is tomorrow. It is called Mailman Surprise. We will be leaving a surprise for our mail carrier. We want to express our appreciation to her for the service she provides. We encourage you to do the same.



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