Nonprofit Consulting

It is no secret that we have a passion for the nonprofit sector. We have invested a lot of time in this area as volunteers, employees and board members over the years. The knowledge we have gained through these experiences is knowledge that can be shared, easily adapted and applied to other organizations. Our goal is simple. We want to help nonprofits engage and inspire people to get involved to make a difference and impact lives.

What We Offer

We can help you improve your marketing and storytelling, develop and train your staff, and improve your volunteer engagement. We offer:

  • Organizational Assessment -Facilitate a process to identify what is working well and any barriers to effectiveness.
  • Leadership Coaching -Enhance the effectiveness of your leadership teams through improved collaboration and decision making.
  • Marketing and Brand Management – Improve your organization’s message through improved marketing, social media management, graphic design and photography
  • Volunteer Engagement and Management – Amplify your ability to engage and inspire your volunteers for organizational success.
  • Organizational Development and Fundraising – Create a diversified development strategy that leads to long-term, sustainable support.

Business Consulting

In addition to helping nonprofits, we are committed to assisting businesses in their quests to become better community citizens. Through a strategic partnership we can help your business create a community care action plan complete with team building activities, community outreach days, and corporate giving opportunities. A community-focused business yields improved employee morale, enhanced public relations and increased bottom lines.