Impact 52

Day 10: Sweet Surprises

Yesterday, we were blessed with the opportunity to discuss the 25 Days of Giving on television by appearing on 21 Alive’s INsight.  This was our 3rd appearance on the program in the last year. Show hosts Emilie Henry and Charity Freeman have been very supportive of our family, Impact 52, our new book LINNIE MAE’S NEW FRIENDS, and the 25 Days of Giving.  Check out the interview here. We cannot thank them enough for taking interest in what we do.  Today, we wanted to show our appreciation by making them the recipients of our sweet surprise.

I showed up at the TV station with a box of Cookie Cottage cookies and a couple of copies of our book.  I was standing off stage, behind the scenes when they spotted me with the goodies.  The next thing I know, I am presenting the “sweet surprise” to them on live television.  That was never part of the plan.  I was going to just leave the items at the front desk for them with a note.  In the end, their reaction was awesome. Their smiles, kind words, and sincere appreciation was gratifying to experience.  I truly believe that they were surprised and that is what made it awesome.

Check out the surprise live on television: Sweet Surprises at Insight

Impact 52 delivers cookies to INsight

Day 11 is Teacher Appreciation.  We will be taking time to say “thank you” to teachers in our community.  Educating our youth is an important, and undervalued, job.  We need to let teachers know just how much we appreciate all that they do to develop the next generation.  Whether you have kids in school or not, take time tomorrow to appreciate a local teacher.


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